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  • BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Benelux

Lots of BMW M2 CS Racing's under the Christmas tree this year...

M Track Experience, the organizer of the official BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Benelux, has received many order forms for the BMW M2 CS Racing before the Christmas period. The test days of December 10th and December 17th, which were coordinated by the organization, clearly paid off.

"It's been a long time since worked so hard" laughs Guino Kenis, together with Hans Van de Ven the driving force behind the new BMW M2 CS Racing Cup.

"We really went full throttle in recent weeks to get as many drivers as possible who had tested, to sign up for a Christmas BMW M2!"

The conditions of the test may not have been ideal, but apparently, they were good enough to convince potential drivers of the qualities of the new BMW M2 CS Racing.

"With the 450 hp upgrade, BMW Motorsport has clearly taken another big step forward compared to the first 365 hp version. It was already great to drive and we already did a 1'41 in Zolder. With the 450 hp version, at a temperature of around freezing point, a few drivers have already dived below the 1'40. I am convinced that on new Michelins and at normal temperatures, we will soon dive into the 1'38s."

But not only a good car is important ... "With Jeff Van de Ven's team, we also have an experienced digital media team that has proven itself within the motorsport sector in the Benelux. They will ensure that aftermovies, interviews and other visual material of the drivers and their sponsors will become available to our drivers and fans. In a digital era, these are the things that make the difference."

The mix of a good race car, a great calendar, pronounced social media presence and a very experienced organization, which is also supported by the Belgian and Dutch importer and BMW M Motorsport, means that many teams and drivers have already expressed their confidence in the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Benelux.

VR Racing, DVB Racing, Belgium Racing, JJ Motorsport, BMW Louyet, BMW Bilia-Emond, PK Racing, the Fransen brothers, Baelus Racing, Xwift Racing, AR Performance, Alex Biddeloo, BMW Beliën have already ordered a BMW M2 CS Racing and some among them have already received the car.

Thanks to a partnership with Stand21 Benelux, the participants in the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Benelux will be equipped with all necessary racing gear to start off the new 2021 season.

Hans Van de Ven: “We strive to make sure that we always have 1 or 2 cars in stock, but recently it went so fast that we have to wait until January to pick up the next cars from BMW Motorsport. This gives us the opportunity to enjoy the end-of-year period so that we can go back to full throttle after the new year."

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