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BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Benelux News Update - April

SUPERPAWA official PAWA drink of the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Benelux

Last week we introduced Snap-On as our partner for 2021, increasing the BMW M2 CS Racing's prize pool to 70.000 EUR.

This week, we are very excited to present the energy drink, SUPERPAWA as a partner of the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Benelux. SUPERPAWA will ensure that the drivers and teams have enough energy to get through the race weekends. The energy drink is biological, taurine free, gluten-free and contains no chemicals. SUPERPAWA was created by Maciej Krolikowski, a well-known face in the Dutch motorsport world, together with his partner Rosemarijn Veenenbos.

“SUPERPAWA is a 100% natural energy drink. We used the wisdom of the Zen Buddhist monks who have used the healthy Matcha green tea in their meditation ceremonies for nearly a thousand years. This inspired us to create a new type of energy drink that is organic and infused with Matcha. "

BMW M Motorsport Trackday Zandvoort

BMW M Motorsport is organizing a BMW M Track Day in Zandvoort on Friday 21 May. Because this track day is the day before our 2nd race in Zandvoort, this is the ideal opportunity for teams of the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup to make extra kilometes with their drivers.

You can register for the BMW M Trackday directly at BMW M Motorsport via the following link:

Official press and test day Zolder As mentioned earlier, we are organizing our press and test day at Circuit Zolder on Thursday, April 8. The ideal opportunity to make training kilometres but also to introduce your team and drivers to the press. This test day is open to all owners / drivers of a BMW M2 CS Racing. We will also share the track with the Porsches from the Benelux Racing Series. Register for the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup press and test day can be done via the link below:

BMW M Motorsport Dealer in the spotlight After Claude L'Ortye of BMW De Maassche in Echt, it is now the turn of Marcel Stroetenga of BMW Van Poelgeest to put his BMW Motorsport concession in the spotlight. We are already looking forward to a great collaboration with Marcel in the future. Watch the interview below.

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