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  • BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Benelux

BMW launches Benelux Customer Racing with BMW M2 CS Racing Cup and offers prize pool of €50.000

BMW Belux and BMW Netherlands are joining forces with BMW M Motorsport for a unique touring car competition with the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup.

The organization will be handled by Zonhoven's M Track Experience BV,

which also manages BMW's official factory team for the

World Endurance Championship (motorcycles).

With the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup, BMW will bring the concept of

"customer racing" to the circuits in the Netherlands and Belgium in 2021.

The Concept

The BMW M2 CS Racing Cup will be held from next year as part of the Sprint Challenge Benelux. The races will be held in Zolder, Francorchamps, Zandvoort and Assen and the calendar will consist of 5 events. During each event there are 3 races scheduled: 2 short races over 25 minutes and 1 long race over 60 minutes. This format makes it perfectly possible to share the car and therefore also the budget between 2 drivers. "With the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup, we are launching a unique concept that brings ‘customer racing’ even closer than usual to our many motorsport fans," says CEO Eddy Haesendonck of BMW Group Belux. Eddy Haesendonck was previously part of the very successful BMW Boxer Cup and the MINI Challenge together with The Driving Force. Stefanie Wurst, CEO BMW Group Netherlands, also has a personal interest in car racing. “I just got my racing license,” she says. “I also come from a family of BMW engineers, my father also worked with the renowned racing engine manufacturer Paul Rosche. The BMW M2 is a compact, fast BMW in the spirit of the BMW 2002 tii and turbo. Exactly the kind of car that BMW owes its strong image to. ”

The BMW M2 CS Racing

The basis for the only official Benelux championship with the BMW M2 is the BMW M2 CS Racing. It has been built by BMW M Motorsport like a real racecar. The current version is the 365 hp strong "entry-level model". An upgrade will be available from the end of the year, with the BMW six-cylinder delivering 450 hp and 550 Nm of torque. This upgrade is not only an increase in power, but the car will also be equipped with different brakes and different coolers. The BMW M2CS Racing is equipped with racing DSC, racing ABS and even has air conditioning on board. The design is based on the very reliable BMW M4 GT4 and has a very low running cost with a planned overhaul at only 30,000 km (!). The BMW M2CS Racing comes ready-to-race from the workshop of BMW M Motorsport.

The organisor

"When BMW unveiled a racing car like the BMW M2CS Racing, it is hard to do anything but start thinking about what to do with it," says Hans Van de Ven, manager of M Track Experience BV. "The car is ideal for driving track days, but is really just a born racer. Our over 20 years of experience at numerous international auto and motorsport events and our strong link with BMW will certainly come in useful with the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup.For example - in addition to numerous other motorsport activities - we are active with the BMW S1000RR in the German Superbike Championship and as BMW's official factory team in the World Endurance Championship."


The BMW M2CS Racing Cup focuses strongly on the community on and around the circuit. An enjoyable setting in which drivers and teams meet in a pleasant BMW hospitality. This is important because it is aimed at the amateur driver who wants to fully enjoy the BMW driving experience and can invite his family, friends and sponsors to a unique experience. Of course, everything is done strictly in line with the Covid-19 measures, which is all the more reason why there is a lot of emphasis on (social) media coverage of all races. There will also be a prize pool of €50.000 made available to the participants of the cup. In terms of budget, the organization is aiming for an all-in amount of € 40 to 50,000 per driver for the entire season, based on an occupancy of 2 drivers per car. If drivers purchase the BMW M2CS Racing car themselves, that amount will go down even more. Several Belgian and Dutch teams have already purchased cars so that there are enough cars available to rent. Tire supplier Michelin Motorsport will provide the BMW M2CS Racing Cup with fast rubber.

For more information, contact:

Hans Van de Ven

+32 471 88 78 89

Jeff Van de Ven

+31 6 149 04 35 BMW Group Belux Jeroen Lissens +32 488 23 55 85 BMW Group Nederland Andrew Mason +31 610 62 84 08

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