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  • BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Benelux

Apex Events and Maciej Krolikowski will form the Dutch division of the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Benelux

The BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Benelux, which was founded in May last year by M Track Experience BV with support from BMW Motorsport, BMW Belux and BMW Netherlands, will now receive a serious boost. Apex Events and Maciej Krolikowski are proud to enter into a partnership with the organization of the M2 CS Racing Cup Benelux for the Netherlands.

Phil Bastiaans: “I have known Hans Van de Ven for many years and over the years a great mutual respect has grown. He has also proven to be able to organize championships at the highest level together with his team. Just look at the current starting grid in the Porsche Carrera Cup Benelux, where Hans's organization is putting 21 new Porsches GT3 Cup on the starting grid this year. The strong point of this team is that it does not only consider the needs of the drivers and teams, but also those of sponsors and partners. During the season, various events are organized in which the partners and sponsors are the focus, something that you see at few championships. I myself have been active in various championships for 22 years and can look back on five national and two European titles. That is why I know better than anyone how important it is for young talents and their supervisors to have a clear step-by-step plan right from the start that leads to a higher level. A championship that is officially supported by BWM Motorsport and BMW Belux and BMW Netherlands is of the utmost importance. In addition, young talent learns to race in sprint make cups, 30-minute races with the same material, where the best wins. The BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Benelux delivers all these ingredients on a very professional level. ”

Apex Events strives for the same level and has entered into a partnership with driver, race instructor and entrepreneur Maciej Krolikowski. Together they will promote the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup in the Netherlands.

Maciej Krolikowski: “I am very grateful to Phil, Yvette and Hans for giving me this opportunity. I got to know the Belgian department, which consists of young, motivated guys with petrol in their blood. They can and are allowed to do their thing there and are well coached by Hans who has been in the world for 25 years and has more than earned his spurs. In the Netherlands we will also work in this way. I will be 100% committed and I can always fall back on Phil and Yvette's years of experience. I am very enthusiastic about this collaboration because let's face it… who wouldn't want to work on a project that is supported by an organization like BMW Motorsport. I am going to convince as many Dutch drivers and teams as possible to join us in this top level competition. ”

Hans Van de Ven and Guino Kenis, the driving forces behind the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Benelux, nod in agreement. “Old foxes like us should leave organizing to the youth. We make our many years of experience as a driver and organizer available to these guests. But they have to make it happen now. And we are convinced that with Maciej we have found a guy who fits perfectly within the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup team. And with the support of Phil and Yvette he can grow in this organization. ”

“Moreover, I know from experience with Motorsportschool Zolder and the Porsche Carrera Cup that if you want a project to succeed, you need local anchoring. People who have both feet in the Dutch motorsport and circuit world. And we have now taken that step ”, Hans concludes. Contact Information

Maciej: +31(0)6 236 245 32 Phil: +31(0)6 537 113 67

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